Vadodara Gangrape-suicide Case: “I Am Kidnapped, Please Save me”, WhatsApp Message Sent By Victim

| Updated: November 25, 2021 8:05 pm

An 18-year-old girl had committed suicide near Valsad in Gujarat Queen (train name) after suffering a gang-rape in Vadodara.

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After a week of the incident, it has come to light that the girl who was the victim of gangrape in Vadodara had sent a WhatsApp message while returning in the Gujarat Queen train on the night of November 3. The girl sent a WhatsApp message to Sanjeevbhai that read “Sorry Sanjivbhai, Pl save me. out for MHE work, he follow me from NVS. Want to kill anyhow. I cant call in train… get phone somehow… parents dont know anything. I Kidnapped. I am in washroom now Gonna kill Pl call waiting”.

According to the current investigatory report, it is suspected that the girl may not have committed suicide but might have been killed. The case has taken a new turn against the WhatsApp message sent by the young lady. Details have surfaced that the girl had sent the message at 11.31 pm on November 3.

The message clearly stated that the girl was being chased by someone who wanted to kill her.

The screen shot of the chat has surfaced which was given by the family members of the girl. The evidence has provoked many questions like why did the girl have to write sorry and who was Sanjeevbhai? The questions still remain unanswered, however, no official statement has been issued by the police on the incident yet.

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