Vadodara Rape Accused Chartered Accountant: I Was Sitting With Her, Didn’t Do Anything

| Updated: October 16, 2021 12:08 pm

Vadodara police have arrested a chartered accountant accused of raping a law student multiple times, filming nude videos of her and circulating them online. Along with the CA, Ashok Jain, his friend Raju Bhatt has also been arrested on charges of rape, criminal intimidation and sexual harassment. Police sources said the third accused in the case is a Vadodara-based businessman who allegedly tried to mediate a settlement with the student.

CA Ashok Jain

Police took Jain to the flat in Nisarg Complex, Vadodara for a two-and-a-half-hour reconstruction of the case where Ashok Jain recognized all things. On the viral photos with the victim, Ashok Jain said, “I was sitting with her but I did nothing.” He confessed that he used to often visit the flat and meet the victim but he denied any act of adultery. 

CCTV footage of victim’s room

The young law student had shifted for her career from Haryana to Vadodara, where she rented a small room. According to the FIR, Jain and Bhatt — who had become friends with the young woman by helping her settle in Vadodara — raped her after spiking her drink.

Jain underwent a potency test in Gotri Hospital. But despite three attempts by the accused, he could not pass the potency test. So he was taken to Ahmedabad Civil Hospital where the necessary samples of hair, saliva and nails, including her sperm, were taken. 

Cameras installed in woman’s room 

Jain is accused of installing a spy camera in the woman’s bathroom. According to the complaint, he even shot her nude pictures and videos and circulated them online. When police inquired about cameras and memory cards installed in the apartment, Jain refused any information regarding the same. 

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Police took a statement from bootlegger Alpu Sindhi in the rape case, in which he said he knew the family members, including the victim and her parents. She had gone to Delhi after the victim told her that she had been raped and wanted to lodge a complaint. Sindhi is arrested by the police.

Bootlegger Alpu Sindhi

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Police will take Jain to Lonavala, Goa and Palitana and take statements from the place where he was staying. 

Meanwhile, accused Raju Bhatt, who was lodged in jail, suffered back pain on Saturday night. He was brought to SSG late on Saturday night and admitted to ICU. 

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