Vastrapur Lake Area Plagued by Rats

| Updated: February 3, 2023 12:15 pm

The lower walkway in the Vastrapur lake garden is punctured by extensive burrows, which have become a breeding ground for rats. It has become quite common to see visitors, many of whom come there with their children in the evenings, go berserk when the rodents scamper around the garden and the walkways.

The rat infestation has increased to such an extent that 20-25 rats can be seen in one spot. People are now afraid of bringing their children to the lake and are also scared the rats will attract snakes to the garden. 

People who visit the lake for evening walks fear they might step on the rodents’ nests and get bitten. The infestation rose after the civic body stopped maintaining the lake properly.

Heavy rains last July caused the lake to overflow. After being inundated for several days, portions of the walkway and the wall surrounding the lake collapsed. Officials suspect the rains loosened the soil in several spots, making it easy for rats to burrow in.

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