Vengeful Hindu Man Kills Cow In Gujarat’s Vadodara

| Updated: January 8, 2022 6:54 pm

A cow was killed mercilessly by an agitated Hindu identified as Govind Bharwad in Dasharath village near Vadodara city of Gujarat.

When a neighbour’s cow entered a herdsman’s barn, he cut off both legs of the cow with a sharp weapon. The police have registered a case against a herdsman who killed the cow with a neighbouring herdsman and conducted further investigation. The injured cow was treated by the 1962 Animal Institute by amputating the cow’s legs.The cow was left unattended near the house

As per a complaint lodged at the Chhani police station, Jayesh Bharwad, a resident of Indiranagari Bharwad Vas in Dasharath village near Vadodara city, raises animals and supports his family. On Friday, he left their cows near the house and went to work asking his mother to tie the cow.

Meanwhile, at midnight, while he was at work, Deepak, who lived in the neighbourhood, called him and said that his cow was lying in a bloody state near the shop. After this, Jayesh rushed to the spot. It was then found that both the hind legs of his cow had been hit by a sharp weapon and the cow could not stand up. They later found out that Govind Bharwad had attacked their cow.

The police have registered a complaint against Govind Bharwad and further investigation is underway.

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