Villagers Flock For Memorial Service Of A Dog Named ‘Bhura Brahmachari’

| Updated: March 20, 2022 5:48 pm

While some attributed calming powers to ‘Bhura Brahmachari’ (brown celibate), some hold that he was incarnate of a blessed soul. Whatever be the reason, but the seven-year-old dog was bid a tearful final farewell on Saturday in Karannagar near Kadi in Mehsana district. 

Bhura was cremated with full honors and later, a memorial service was held by Vadipati Vas residents. Mournful villagers gathered round his picture while chants and hymns to Lord Krishna wafted in the background. 

“Bhura was lucky for us all. Whenever we were sad or needed divine intervention, something about his presence worked. Added, he stayed away from usual canine behavior and chose to hover around our spiritual meets,” shared villager Alka Chandesh Patel. She added that the customary twelfth-day ritual will be held for the “noble soul” while Bhura’s “followers” will observe the traditional sutak period.

Villagers gathered in huge numbers to pay homage to ‘Bhura’.

On Sunday, a memorial service of this dog named ‘Bhura Brahmachari was held.

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