Virani Jewelers Store In New Jersey Robbed By Armed Men In One Minute

| Updated: June 13, 2022 12:46 pm

By Ketan Joshi

Around ten robbers looted the Indian Jewelry showroom Virani Jewelers in New Jersey, USA, on June 10. The robbery happened within a matter of minutes. However, nobody received any injury during the incident.

CCTV footage reveals that before the showroom employee could lock the door, the robbers struck it down and started intimidating the staff. After hardly two seconds, they broke all the glasses from the display boxes and started stealing the jewellery. The robbers were able to pull off the crime in around one minute.

The Virani Gold and Diamond showroom is at 1394 Oak Tree Road, Iselin, New Jersey. The police are intensively investigating the case. They have also kept an eye on the entire area following the theft incident. As per the sources, the robbers used a Mercedes for the crime and fled the scene. 

CCTV footage shows that the robbers were wearing black masks and had guns. During the incident, two female and a male employee were inside the showroom. One-armed robber attacked the female employee while some started breaking the glasses and filling their bags with jewellery.

The thieves also fire shots to intimidate the employees. Nevertheless, no one was injured. It is noteworthy that almost all shops around Virani Jewelers are of Indian origin. After the incident, the shop owners are in terror, and there is an atmosphere of panic. 

After the robbery, the employees at Virani Jewelers called the police. The CCTV footage shows the employees talking in Hindi and Gujarati.

Virani Jewelers

Iqbal Virani founded Virani Jewelers in 1987. He was one of the well-known pioneers who specialised in South Indian Jewellery. Often, people of Indian origin visited the store. Moreover, the company operated four expanded retail locations and a lucrative diamond showroom.

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