Vishal Dadlani #atheist Is Trending On Twitter

| Updated: June 16, 2022 5:49 pm

Vishal Dadlani, an Indian singer, songwriter, and music composer, has always been quite vocal about his atheist practices. He posted a tweet on June 5, which turned on the heat on Twitter. #atheist is trending, and retweets and comments backlashes at Vishal’s statement.

The belief that there are no gods is known as atheism. People who follow atheism are known as Atheists. Atheists do not track or believe in any religion. The lack of evidence, the issue of evil, and the rejection of ideas that cannot be denied are some reasons for not believing in gods for Atheists.

Arun Pudur extended his support to Vishal on his tweet, which steered Twitter.

Some outrageous comments were put on the comments and retweeted by people on Twitter who are against Aethism, ridiculing Vishal’s ideologies and beliefs.

A tweet bashed Vishal for speaking his thoughts on religion because he is an atheist.

Other says that Bollywood Atheist does not need to say anything about religion.

Vishal took on Twitter today stating, “I want to say this to Indian Muslims on behalf of a majority of Indian Hindus. You are seen & heard, loved & treasured. Your pain is our pain. Your patriotism is not in question, your identity is not a threat to India or anyone else’s religion. We are one nation, one family.”

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