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| Updated: June 29, 2022 12:17 pm

Dono haathon mein laddoo!!

Elections are round the corner and what does one position as their USP? Especially, given that mohalla clinics and public schools in Delhi stand out as a model to emulate, the BJP’s lookout for concrete proof of development must have been a brow-creasing worry. The Hindutva push brought it back to power in UP but where is no thrust, what does one do? Ab bulldozer se aap vote toh nahin dila sakte na.

Now my little Mithu has picked up a card. It says the rare and epic alignment of the five stars in the second fortnight of June has worked in favour of the BJP. Don’t’ believe? Explains this then: social activist Teesta Seetalvad has been arrested and is currently in jail for misleading the SIT probe which gave a clean chit to the then Gujarat CM Modi for his role in the 2002 riots. She was helping petitioner Zakia Jafri with legal resources etc. Bas ab kya? There is a strong case against her, the BJP emerges as the wronged party, the Opposition dare note say a word on this seditious issue and the votebank will be left with a Supreme Court backed verdict. Ise kehte hain dono haathon mein laddoo!

The Age Factor

There is some buzz doing the rounds that in the upcoming Assembly elections in December, the BJP will choose a 65-year-old cut off. All in the interest of a fitter administrative regiment. If so happens, about 47 office bearers currently holding office stand disqualified. Now, the Executive does not function as the Army. Who said ke mantriji ko kaam karna parta hai? Jawan toh bhagten aur kasrat kartein hain. Mantriji ko toh sab karwana padta hai.

Tch tch… pehle toh sipahi ki retirement ki umar baandh di aur ab vidhayakon ki?

Vishwakarma! Karma hi hai Dharma

On a Monday afternoon, Gujarat minister Jagdish Vishwakarma is a busy man. Instead of plonking down on the standard sarkari table, he is at the standing table, signing birthday cards. And mind you… not his? Would you believe this? He signs about 6,000 birthday cards a month, wishing all voters in his constituency who are to celebrate their birthday that week. Dressed in a crisp white shirt with the Gandhi chasmah sitting on his face, Vishwakarma has an intent look while signing the cards alongside listening to civic grouses from those who have sought his time. The Nikol MLA sure is living up to his name.

Dosti ho toh aisi!

Only true friendship can survive the test of time. The bond between Gujarat’s Finance minister Kanu Desai and his personal assistant, Raju Patel, merits a few words on this. The two started off as colleagues at United Phosphorus Limited (UPL). Through time and tide, their bond only deepened and later on, Desai chose the political route. When Desai was appointed Minister Finance and Petrochemicals, he asked Patel to join him at Sachivalaya, Gandhinagar. The two are known to work in tandem and always look out for progressive options.

Now, Akbar and Birbal ke bare mein toh suna tha, lekin Desai-Patel ki jodi ke kehne. Cheers to 25 years and more!

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