| Updated: August 24, 2022 10:58 am

Seva Ka Meva

This top cop’s three-day stay at the Gandhinagar circuit house has been the talk of power circles. Known for his clean image and never one to lap up freebies, it is rumoured that he availed of sarkari khatirdaari. So unfair na? Sarkar ki seva kar sakten hain par meva ka bhog nahin?

What double standards! In fact, people making the loudest noise are the ones who frequent the circuit house and were made privy to details of his stay. But we do not like to gossip about activities that one unwinds with. So, lets stick to facts. Now, this sajjan, shortly after the break, documented a file on the women police force for the chief minister’s kind consideration. See, at least he is not like those wardi wale who are sexist. Phir kya? Rotten minds linked it to his knowing the women force in a way that no one else does! Jealousy thrives on small talk and this top cop’s staycation and THE file have fuelled envious minds. Bechara!

Idhar Se Udhar?

With Assembly elections in December, the Election Commission has taken on the task of mass scale transfers of IPS-IAS officers, collectors and DDOs, who have been on duty for three years at a place. All in the name of unbiased, free and fair polling. You know na? Being at a place for too long leads to a clout and influence etc etc…

However, these officials have already pre-empted the move. No one wants to leave a cushy spot. It is learnt that some officers have submitted tenders (read application) to bid for a particular posting. Ab… how this works is beyond comprehension but red-tapism is known to transact in its own currency.

Police toh police, even the collectorate in Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar is supposed to be in jitters lest their much-vested interest, cultivated over three years, were to be ruined by one sudden sweeping transfer. How? We asked. Only to learn that land dealings were graded by fixing “a price” for farmers and non-farmers.  Again, we asked how?  Koi khul kar samjhta kyon nahin? For now, all eyes are fixed on that order nama to be declared in the last week of August.

Chotte Miyan Ke Kya Kehne

No likes a cheeky junior. Especially when the hierarchical standings are anything but cordial. A senior IPS officer based out of Ahmedabad was on leave and handed over the reins to his next. Now, this subordinate formed his own gang and unleashed a “donation drive” in the upmarket areas of the city. We do not exactly know for what, but maybe all in the interests of a grand Ganpati Mandal. Why always doubt charity?

But the owner of a branded showroom was asked to part with Rs 30 lakhs. This was stretching goodwill too far. So, jaisi karni waisi bharni. The amount was shown as a cumulative of various bills. But the owner’s murmurs have reached the top cop’s ears. Ab toh bas, it is a matter of time before sach ki potli dashes onto the bosses. Let’s watch the fun!

No Entry

Battle lines are clear. Either you are with me or not. This blow-hot-blow-cold between two top notch IPS officers has taken on a new dimension. Such that X has barred Y’s “agent” from entering the police commissionerate. X has instructed the reception to keep the agent out of bounds because he is “tale carrier.” Haiii!!! This is too cliched, but fun. By the way, the “agent” himself is an IPS officer. Now we hear that Y has phasaoed another officer to act as his source for all the andar ki khabar.

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