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| Updated: July 6, 2022 10:01

Jackpot Kiska Lagega?

Some matters are decided by lady luck. Not by merit or hard work. You have to be in the right place at the right time for fortune to spotlight you. With less than six months left for the Assembly elections, all eyes are fixed on: The Ticket. Ab kisko ticket milegi, kisko nahin, it all depends the machine(ry)… you know woh Jackpot wali? Not track record, criminal record or anything else.  This is a crucial matter, especially for those in power. Not getting a ticket to contest is a prestige issue. Haii… this can be such a stressful time. No wonder at a recent cultural-do at Swarnim Sankul 2, the presiding cabinet minister’s slip of tongue gave away the deep anguish of his current pre-occupation. While doling out tips of administrative strategy, the minister added rather wistfully: “Who knows till how long I will be around here to address you….”

Our hearts go out to such dilemma-ridden people.

Public Servant

In a bid to be the people’s police, this officer was seen at his social best. At the Rath Yatra event, our man was seen clicking pictures with the aam janta, showing them how a drone works, piloting a drone to assess the road ahead and also, lending a hand at the cooking enclave!! Wah bhi wah. Of course, aashirvaad ke liye, he was also seen tugging at the Rath ropes. You know how jealousy works. His co-officers have now accused him of dereliction of duty. This is not fair. Just because he is a popular regional TikTok star, does no one understand the social pressures of relevant DPs? There was no incident after all.

Then what is fuss all about? Uparwale ka haath sab ke sar par tha na?

Socha Tha Kya, Kya Ho Gaya

Each city comes with its own set of dreams and aspirations. But what if the plan is abandoned? Something similar is afoot in Gandhinagar. One door darshi IAS officer should have at least thought about this minister and IPS officer. The duo are known to work in tandem for sab ki bhalai, aur khud ke liye malai.

The civil servant proposed an alternate and “better” roadmap to a more “effective” Gandhinagar. This meant re-drawing of district lines, zone heads, how many departments under one head, wagaira wagaira. It also meant no need for the minister’s berth and the IPS officer’s self-instituted role. Maybe the IAS official did it to streamline the process and cut down government expenditure. But did he not even once think of how much employment the regimented honeycomb proposal would have led to? How many possibilities?

Very selfish is all we can say.

Jis Thaali Mein Khaya…

Once upon a time, there was a PA. And his boss was the mantri. Ek din, this PA decided to use the mantri’s letter-head to get some money for an official work. His plan worked. Doosre din, he did the same. Phir toh kya… this became a habit. And somewhere, he started sharing a little portion of the gifts with his police officer friends too. Lekin, phir ek din, some party worker learnt of the network and baat phel gayi. Mantriji called the PA and dismissed him.

With elections in December, the party is working hard at a clean image and this just proves the point.

Moral of the Story: Jis thaali mein khaya us mein kabhi ched nahin karten hain.

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