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Busy Bees

Sarkari offices in India and aap kataar mein hain have a strange association. The moment there is some official work, why does it instinctively feel it is going to take ages. And yes, it also feels like walking into a honey comb with separate chambers. All bees are there, busy and working. But the interface does not exist.

So why blame this Congress MLA for losing his cool? Reportedly, the Congress MLA from central Gujarat arrived at the Gandhinagar Police Bhavan to meet an officer. He was greeted by a lackadaisical receptionist sitting in the security booth.

Not only did the cheeky attendant not reply properly, he also refused to acknowledge the officer’s presence at the complex when asked. The MLA, by now exasperated, threw the weight of his name and the might of his power… but little changed. What we do know is that the enterprising MLA did barge his way in and met the officer. Last heard, the MLA was going to bring up woes faced by the common man at the Vidha Sabha session.

Chalo… hope this makes life easy for all.

Bas Ek Nazar

Power commands respect. But when power makes the not-so- powerful weak in the knees, it leaves a lot to introspect. At the recently-concluded Rath Yatra, state Home minister Harsh Sanghvi went out of his way to ensure a safe passage for the deity’s chariot on its return path, July 9. He reportedly camped for a while at the Daryapur-Shahpur sensitive stretch. Since mantriji was around, it entailed some police bandobast in the pocket. Police were seen at their agile best cordoning off the divine chariot’s way and mantriji’s immediate radius with equal alacrity.

However, what was baffling was the presence of some officers, not assigned duty in the area, making special appearances time and again. Their own zone of operation was left unmanned while these policemen decided to descend on the area.

Ab Prabhuji ki shubh-ichcha ke liye mandrana bhi dosh hai kya?

Bahut Na-insaafi Hai…

At the BJP state executive meet held recently in Surat, we hear that the feast was fit for kings. Wah bhai wah. Not only did the invitees get to relish the meal, there were parcels for those who wanted to take back some goodies. Extravagance, feasting, gifting… kya drishya dekhne mila… Photos from the event are still doing the rounds and so is the charcha among Sanghis. A little birdie told us that the Sanghis are not at all happy with this obscene display of wealth. In fact, the right-wing clout’s top brass admonished the Benarasi babu who represented the Sangh at the BJP meet.

Sounds a little unfair na? Janta ke paison se janta ki hit mein chintin karne walon ke liye raj bhoj bhi mana hai kya?

Mapping Went All Wrong?

Now this via route always turns out to be unpredictable. A Congress leader who landed in Gujarat via the Madhya Pradesh-Delhi route finds that he is nowhere. It must be irking him given that he was once very close to apna RaGa. For a while, he kept his annoyance in wraps because of assurances from in-charge Raghu Sharma that his name would be on the list. But when the list did arrive, 27 of the 35 names were from Rajasthan. And adding salt to the injury, 23 of them are from the Ashok Gehlot camp. Suddenly, Himmat Singh has become the executive chief.

Bechara. The Congress leader toh kahin ka na raha. Who should he address the grievance to? Raghu Sharma or Ashok Gehlot? And then comes the news that Sharma too is on his way out.

Ek baat na samjh aayi. Gujarat laani ki kya zarurat thi?

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