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| Updated: August 10, 2022 10:21

“APP”le of Someone’s Eye?

With transport bearing the brunt of heavy rains in Gujarat, Purnesh Modi, state minister for roads and buildings, transport, civil aviation, tourism and pilgrimage, once again urged people to use a mobile application named after him to reach out to the state government.

Oh! You don’t know? Purnesh Bhai, taking a cue from NaMo’s app, set up an app for complaints over roads and allied civil infra. Did he know the rain gods would test him so mercilessly shortly after? The pounding rains left behind pock-marked roads and potholed state highways. And then began the mud fest, literally and metaphorically.

The Opposition just needs an excuse. But our man rose to the occasion. He even employed the services of an officer to handle the redressal cell. To some extent, the calls were attended to and in some cases, the roads were fixed after the water subsided. But in all surety, his app registered a phenomenal download during the barsaat ke din.

Ab uparwala deta bhi hai toh chhappar phad ke! Dekhte hi dekhte, he has taken over reigns of official departmental transfers. And now hoardings with big cut-outs of Purnesh Bhai adorn every corner of Gandhinagar.

Moral of the Story: Bade saheb khush hain toh chotte saheb ke tevar ko nazar andaaz kiya ja sakte hai.

Power Wardrobe

Very typical of a plump posting, this IPS officer too, went a little tipsy after receiving his promotion orders. Now, the seat of power does require a decorum wagairah wagairah … So, what’s the big deal being made about him using the good offices of his subordinates to buy him an entirely new wardrobe from Cantabil? Whispers are also rife about him being kingpin of a gang that descends on police stations asking for favors such as spirited evenings in the company of pleasant looking artistes.  

Haiii!! Is this just jealousy or did the officer actually get drunk on power? If he did, then… karma never loses an address.

Na Baap Bada Na Bhaiya, Sabse Bada Rupaiya

Now who does not know about the police-bureaucrat nexus. It is a given. And if there be a thick friendship between the bureaucrat and Inspector of the zone, bizmen beware! There’s every reason to dread.

For some reason, this IPS officer could not strike home the point with an inspector in his squad. The latter kept missing the cues and for some reason “collection” was not on track.

Bas tab kya? The senior, fed up with the good-for-nothing-fellow, had him transferred. The replacement who stepped in turned out to be “extra efficient.” Huge land deals were being made without babu in the know. Who can handle such insubordination?

He was put in his place but before reconciling to his lot, he was seen discussing with co-police officers: “Money adds purpose to life. What wrong did I do?”

Seniors Slighted. Juniors Noticed

IPS officers, in a bid to break the monotony of work, have taken to regular programs and cultural-dos in the city.  Recently, a senior IPS officer organized an event and made an appearance at CM Patel’s office to seek time for his consent as chief guest.  Why blame the CM if he declined? There are matters of greater importance na?

But what explains this? Shortly after a while, a junior IPS was convening an event in collaboration with a big realty group. For some reason, the CM agreed. Maybe, this program had more merit. Why see the glass half empty always? You know how mouths just need to chatter? Now the Home department is buzzing with theories about how the senior was slighted. We also hear that on suggestion of his seniors, this officer again went to the CM’s office.

Guess what? The CM reportedly declined again. Shayad us samay grah ka dosh raha ho ga…

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