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Wednesday Vibes

| Updated: December 22, 2021 2:37 pm

Change is the only option for better babudom
बेहतर नौकरशाही के लिए बदलाव ही एकमात्र विकल्प

We were surprised. With the word naukarshahi but yes that’s what bureaucracy is called in Hindi. Our Hindi is limited to Bollywood and those unending Parliament debates. Neither enriches our Hindi, unfortunately.

So let us tell you that the Gujarat government has decided that they will ensure that a single bureaucrat does not occupy a position for more than four years. Preferably, the bureaucrat should also be changed if she or he is in the same district headquarter for more than four years. This, the government believes, is good for good governance, transparency and reforms.

Shahmina Hussain

The first name that comes to mind is of Shahmina Hussain. We really like this 1997 cadre officer who is known to go by the rules. But Mr Gadfly, our lanky lad also known as Mr Natkhat Manganiya who networks in the Sachivalaya, of course, masking up as something else, recently told us that the Chief Minister has been informed that Ms Hussain has been with GUVNL, Gujarat Urja Vika Nigam Limited, Vadodara for much over than four years. She is currently the managing director and before this position too, she has been in Vadodara. Her tenure in Vadodara has been for nearly 8 years and the Chief Minister rolled up his eyes. Well, Shahmina and Vadodara suit each other but let’s see what the CM thinks about it now.


 Everyone needs one, we have realised. A God father. We have a great father but have been God Father deprived. And we don’t believe in Godmen but there are many for whom a Godman is much more than a Godfather or even a real father. Lalgiri Bapu from Utkantheshwar temple is one such Godman who is a god father too.

We bow in respect to all Hindu saints, rather all wearing saffron robes these days but were amused to see quite a few naukarshahs, we like this word for bureaucrats, bowing in obeisance. The pack is led by a gentleman IAS officer who swears by Hinduism and more importantly Hindutva. From Ravishankar of the Art of Living to all those deliciously living in Kailasa to thi Lalgiri Bapu; he has this wonderful spine that automatically bends down to anyone in white, orange, saffron and one even in peacock colours.

So when Lalgiri Swamiji recently visited Sachivalaya, someone mortal and paapi staffer did not recognise him and refused him audience with his saheb. Lalgiri Swami is a nice noble man but he was divinely seeking to meet this IAS chela so he took out an album for the spiritually illiterate staffer. The staffer was amused to see his saheb doing shastang pranam to the Swamiji. Swami ji bhi mood mein aa gaye and started shifting his album pages. We don’t want to embarrass the officers right now with their pictures of reverence towards Swamiji but we just want to tell the Babus. Thoda sa reverence public par bhi rakhne ka. Aap ko Swamiji ki kasam. Much of our public doesn’t even white, saffron, green, blue, red whatever colour or any clothes also to wear.

Climate change is a crucial department and it needs critical attention

जलवायु परिवर्तन एक महत्वपूर्ण विभाग है और इस पर गंभीर ध्यान देने की आवश्यकता है

Honourable Prime Minister, Our Modi ji has been really working hard towards decimating the dangerous effects of climate change. He even penned a book, remember, Convenient Action: Continuity for change chronicling his vision about the universal problem of climate change In fact, for losers who don’t want  believe about the great work and vision he demonstrated as Chief Minister of Gujarat, let us tell you that Gujarat was the first State to have a climate change department. We must appreciate that climate change as a concern did not encapsulate the minds of Congressis who are so used to being labelled Italians.

Anyways, now the dangers of climate change are turning into a reality. It is high time that Gujarat government appoints a full-time secretary to handle this department. Either climate change should be made a full-time department with a full time IAS to head it with GEDA under it. Or if government decides to continue with the current arrangement of the 1991 cadre S J Haider holding an additional charge then GEDA(Gujarat Energy Development Agency) should be put under the energy department. We need to work faster on climate change issues because what appeared to be happening soon is now becoming a reality. Climate change concerns are no more elite, after drinks, intellectual talk. It is a sheer necessity.

Bichara Babubhai

बेचारा बाबूभाई

Ek who zamana tha, pura Amdavad babubha ke naam se dhrujta tha aur ek yeh zamana hai ki koi Babubhai ki awaaz tak nahi pehchante.

Reads so Bollywoodish. But then sometimes life is much stranger than even Bollywood.

Babubhai Jamnadas Patel was a senior BJP leader even in the 90’s and he was simply known as BJP. The powerful acronym of his powerful personality. Sitting over vast lands, he was the man that made several  crucial decisions. There would be many builders and developers in the city who would have taken favours from him. Par yeh zamaana bada besharm hai. Nobody ever remembers the favours. They just fluke you out when they see you weak and timid. Zamaana ne Babubhai ko bhi foonk diya.

The party for which he spent his lifetime, albeit while carving his own empire seems to have dusted him off their list of important people. We know at least four IAS officers who have taken great benefits during Babubhai’s supreme reign but now they refuse to even acknowledge his existence, forget helping him out. Yeh hi to Babubhai ki dukhad dastan hai.

In the wake of Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation having started initiating action against  buildings without BU permission; some of the buildings of Babu Jamna stable has also been found violating the norms. These are the buildings made during Babu Jamnabha’s heydays. As the AMC sealed the buildings, shop owners requested the builder-cum-politician to help them. Now, many say Babubhai’s time is over. But hold on, never write off a politician. Remember what happened when P V Narasimha Rao had packed off his bags and was waiting to go back to South India just when he was made the Prime Minister after Rajiv Gandhi’s assassination. So never give up on hope. Bichara Babubhai may become

BJP again.

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  1. kinjal

    Great article that started well, but too many grammatical errors, led me to leaving the article midway. if you could rectify and update again. Thank you.

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