What Do Amdavadis Like And Dislike About Their City?

| Updated: February 26, 2022 9:41 pm

Want to know what resides in an Amdavadi’s heart? We got them talking about their emotions for their beloved city on the occasion of  Ahmedabad’s 611th birthday.

We tried to reach some youngsters at one of the most hung out spots for youngsters “Urban Chowk”.

We asked them to share what parts of Ahmedabad do they like and what changes would they like to make. We also asked them about what Ahmedabad as an Emotion is for them and we received some interesting and also funny answers from the Amdavadis.

A common response from the majority was Ahmedabad’s food. Food connects the people of Ahmedabad.

On the negative aspects of the city, the youth of Ahmedabad have similar complaints on city’s traffic sense and would want to see some changes in that aspect.

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