With elections in mind. PM Modi visits Gujarat for the 7th time in...

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With Elections In Mind, PM Modi Visits Gujarat For The 7th Time In 90 Days And People Still Want More Of Him. That’s His Popularity.

|Gujarat | Updated: May 30, 2022 20:07

“Have to salute Prime Minister Modi for his focus, determination and hard work with strategies in place”, a senior BJP minister in the Bhupendra Patel cabinet told Vibes of India on Saturday night.

“For us, even a single ward matters. We take all elections very seriously”, said a BJP Union minister from Gujarat. Nayna Patel, a housewife was in tears. “For 20 years, he has been serving us selflessly. Our karma is really good that we have him” Crowds flocked in intense heat to see and hear Narendrabhai, the man from Gujarat who challenged elitism and privilege and became the Prime Minister of India.

On his 7th visit in 90 days, Prime Minister packed his day with just one agenda in mind. To win the Gujarat polls with more seats than before.

PM Modi has started his visits for election campaigning in Gujarat on a regular basis. Today was his 7th visit in the last 90 days. Today’s agenda was to woo Patidar and further consolidate the cooperative sector which the BJP has rightly nurtured as a crucial segment for vote consolidation. Credit for this goes to Amit Shah, who initiated the exercise in mid 90s to penetrate into the rural sector.

In the election year, the BJP has already appointed a Patidar Chief Minister to woo the Patels disenchanted by the Patidar agitation in 2015 which impacted the BJP in the 2017 Assembly elections. However now, the leader of the Patidar agitation Hardik Patel has joined the BJP.

The BJP leadership is doing everything it can, including bringing in a ‘Patel Chief Minister’ and a new ministry last year, to win back the Patidars who were somewhat disenchanted before the 2017 elections following the quota agitation led by Hardik Patel.

In Patel dominated and politically sensitive Rajkot district, PM Modi inaugurated a multi-specialty hospital built at Atkot near Rajkot by an enterprising Patel doctor Bhargav and his team. PM Modi praised the sense and sensibilities of Patels. Most influential and rich Patels of Saurashtra and Surat attended the function. However, Naresh Patel of Khodaldham who is still confused (after nearly three years of whether to join the Congress or the BJP) was conspicuous by his absence thereby giving fresh meat to the media, that he may opt for Congress.

The multi speciality hospital when it is fully functional will be enacted at the cost of Rs 960 crores.
Speaking in an AllaArjunsque style, PM Modi connected emotionally with the people of Saurashtra by saying that his government which has entered eight years of governance at the Centere has not done a single work that would make the common public of India hang their heads in shame. The crowd shouted Jhukega nahi as Modiji took a deliberate pause. This was followed by thunderous applause. Sabka Saath, he said and over one lac people chanted in unison, Sabka Vikas followed by Narendrabhai Zindabad.

PM Modi said whenever “I come to Gujarat, i bow in reverence to my matrubhumi and the people of Gujarat. Whatever sanskaar and shiksan i have embedded in my life; it is all because of Gujarat. All the lessons that this samaj (society) have taught me, all the support that I have got; of course I will never be able to pay back.”, he said emotionally. “But whatever chance i get to benefit Gujarat through any government schemes, I do it humbly and feel privileged”.

In the State capital of Gandhinagar, PM Modi focused on the cooperative sector and how this segment can consolidate his dream of Atma nirbhar Bharat, besides making villages prosperous.

We are successfully treading on consolidation of the cooperative sector by following the path set by Mahatma Gandhi and Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. PM Modi also launched a nano liquid urea plant, the first of its kind of plant in India. This is a government plant. Mr. Modi said it could change the future of Indian farmers. He said this soft drink-sized bottle of liquid urea had more potency than a bag (bori) of urea and it was priced cheaper than the bag. He added that the government which was very concerned about the welfare of farmers and especially small farmers, has initiated efforts to restart five closed down urea factories in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar. Orissa, Telangana and Jharkhand. We are so concerned about the farmers that we import urea and each bag costs Rs 3500. “We bear the burden of Rs 3200 and the farmers just have to pay Rs 300 per bag,” he said emphasizing that in a single year, the government has spent over Rs 1.60 lac crore in fertilizer subsidies.
Union Home Minister Amit Shah, the shahenshah of co-operative politics in Gujarat , Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel and all BJP dignitaries attended the various function.

Tonight. Mr. Modi was expected to meet senior BJP leaders to discuss the number of “weak” BJP seats and approve the state party plan to ensure that their saffron party wins those seats. Tomorrow he is expected to go and watch the IPL finals between Rajasthan Royals and Gujarat Titans.

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