Woman Creates World Record By Spinning Largest Hula Hoop

| Updated: February 7, 2022 9:28 pm

It’s difficult to achieve world records. It’s more difficult for them who are balancing or dealing with an object that is way bigger than them is marvellous. The video is posted on Instagram by the official page of Guinness World records and shows that how a woman spins hula hoop that was more than 17 feet long in diameter.

A woman named Getti Kehayova from Las Vegas. The record was made and attempted by her. It was 17 feet and 0.25 inches in its diameter. In the video we can see that how woman is struggling to overcome this challenge. And in the comment section Guinness World Records clarifies, “Awesome woman Getti Kehayova from Las Vegas is really ardent about hula hooping.”

The video was posted on Instagram around a day ago. Since then the video has gathered more than 1.1 lakh likes on the video. Viewers could not stop admiring this feat and because of that this video has a many various comments from viewers.

“Looks oddly fun” this what a fan commented on the post. Many viewers commented surprised face emojis on this post. “Must have been heavy but she made it look easy” this what another one commented on the post.

“It was bit painful because the hoop was pretty heavy, so every time that revolution comes around. It feels like a punch up against your body.” This what Getti Kehayova told. We can see her she is wearing appropriately cushioned jacket for this occasion.

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