Woman Files Plaint of Witchcraft Against Daughter-in-law

| Updated: December 29, 2022 12:13 pm

A Gandhinagar magisterial court has ordered Chandkheda police to register an FIR against a woman who allegedly performed black magic in her matrimonial home. The woman’s mother-in-law filed a complaint against her.

The case follows a family dispute between 34-year-old Nishtha Gali and her mother-in-law, Acchutuni Shree Gali.

Acchutuni sought criminal action against the daughter-in-law by supplying CCTV footage from July 23, in which she is seen visiting the house past midnight and placing a tuft of hair, four matchsticks pierced into four lemons and six incense sticks pierced into potatoes. Along with these articles, Nishtha allegedly placed a photograph of her brother-in-law, the complainant’s younger son.

The mother-in-law, through her advocate Manish Oza, complained before the court that her daughter-in-law plotted to kill her and members of her family by performing black magic.

The lawyer demanded criminal action against Nishtha and argued that the daughter-in-law’s act caused injury to the mental wellbeing of the applicant and her family. The court said that according to section 44 of IPC, any illegal act which causes harm to the mind falls in the ambit of the definition of injury.

The court concluded that the gesture by the daughter-in-law attracts charges under sections 451 and 506 of IPC and 135 of GP Act, which are cognizable offences, and the police should have taken cognizance of them.

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