14 Detained in Ahmedabad for Involvement in Agnipath Protests

| Updated: June 20, 2022 1:20 pm

At least 14 people were detained in Ahmedabad for assembling without permission and protesting against the Centre’s Agnipath scheme. A few of them argued that they had mustered to protest against the scheme in a tranquil, “Gandhian” manner. 

About 100 people, all of them majorly locals, had gathered at a place near Meghaninagar to protest against Agnipath. JP Chauhan, Meghaninagar police station’s inspector said that they had detained 14 of them as they had mustered without any permission. 

One of the insurgents demanded permission to protest until the scheme was not taken back as they were protesting in the peaceful, Gandhian way. He said they were not even allowed to sit for a few minutes, before the police came and captured them.

Rajnath Singh, or the Defense Minister met the three service chiefs in the middle of the rising protests against Agnipath in multiple parts of the country.  

Although Gujarat has not yet reported any violent protests, the situation is gaining momentum. This is despite the defense ministry having announced further amendments to the scheme on Saturday. Now, at least 10% of the positions in various organizations will be reserved for Agniveers.

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