Gujarat: 2100 Tonnes Of Talala Gir Mangoes Exported This Year

| Updated: May 21, 2022 2:16 pm

The famous mangoes of Talala Gir have reached new heights and are being exported to the outer world in huge numbers. This year 2100 tonnes of mangoes have been exported to the UK, USA, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Dubai, Italy, and Qatar. These countries love Kesar mangoes so much that they pay three times more than the actual price but they don’t fail to consume Kesar mangoes every season. 

The demand for the famous Talala Gir mangoes is on the rise from the outer countries and in India itself. People are eagerly waiting to consume these mangoes as soon as possible but the production is questionable this time due to global warming. They are not expecting much harvest this time because of high demands. With the help of Talala APMC, they have created Mango Packhouse Plant. This plant has enabled a good amount of mango exports to the UK, USA, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Dubai, Italy, and Qatar. The most amount of mango is being consumed by the UK, even though mangoes from Moscow are available in London there is a high demand for Kesar Mangoes from Talala Gir, the Indians residing in London are still very much in awe of these mangoes every summer season. Even though the harvest is less this year the export procedures are ongoing with full fuels. 

Mango Packhouse Plant works for the betterment of quality, grading, washing, hot water, and pre-cooling, and ripening of the mangoes is done. This whole process takes three days and then the mangoes are ready to be exported.

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