29% Gujarat Homes Face Water Crisis: Report

| Updated: October 7, 2022 3:20 pm

29 % of households in Gujarat having tap water at home, face water shortages, an audit survey by the ministry of water resources reveals.

While 99% of such families have a water connection in functioning status and 87 % of families get water regularly, 20% of households receive water supply thrice or four times.. 6% of households receive water supply only once or twice a week.

Out of the households which receive tap water at home,  water received in 89 % of households is found potable, meaning 11%  of households receive water which is not potable.

Government guidelines suggest that each person get at least 55 litres of water daily. This requirement is met partially only in the case of 5% of households which get 40 to 55 litres of water per day. Shockingly, 8% of households get less than 40 litres a day of water per person.

Only 35% of households pay for the facility of tap water supply at home, as many as 88% of households pay the tax in Gujarat for such facility. The figure brings Gujarat at third position in the list of states where Goa stands first with 90% and Mizoram second with 89%. It must be noted that Goa and Mizoram are smaller states.

89 % of villages in Gujarat have water committees. In a heartening revelation, out of these, 73% of villages have more than 50% woman members.

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