9-Room, 3 Bedrooms Flats For New MLAs, Construction Of 12 Towers Of 9 Floors In Gandhinagar Commences

| Updated: November 23, 2022 1:07 pm

While the candidates of all the parties are working hard to win to become members of the 15th Legislative Assembly, the government is in full swing to gift a 9-room luxury flat with modern facilities to the newly elected MLAs. It will take another one and a half to two years to get these flats ready, but it is certain that the MLAs of this new term will get these flats to live in.

The tender for this Rs. 247 crore project, each flat costing Rs 1.14 crore was finalized the tender on October 28, 6 days before the announcement of elections.

 At present, there are 182 seats in the Legislative Assembly, but in the event that new seats come into existence due to the new delimitation in the near future, it has been decided to make so many flats keeping in mind a total of 216 MLAs.

The new MLA  quarters will come up in Sector-17 in Gandhinagar, at the same place where the old MLA quarters were first built. At present, work is going on to demolish the old building and build the ground level at this place. Excavation of the foundation of the new building will begin in December. The government has given administrative approval of Rs 247 crore to build the new MLA quarter.

Luxurious flats with advanced facilities and modern amenities are planned to be available to MLAs in this complex. A large flat with an area of 274 square meters will be double the size of the existing quarters in Sector 21. The complex will be shaped in a total area of 28,576 square meters. A total of 12 towers of 9 floors will be built on this campus.

The provision to build luxurious accommodations for MLAs was made in the budget of Gujarat state. The Deputy Chief Minister and the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly visited the place of Sector-17. on July 13.

Currently, there are 168 houses in 14 blocks in MLA Quarter in Sector-21 of Gandhinagar. These apartments have facilities including 2 sofas, 1 AC, up to 6 fans, a fridge, and TV. However, the light bill of the building is also paid for by the government.

MLAs in the state received Rs. 1.16 lakh per month which include Rs 78800 salary and various allowances such as telephone expenses, Rs.7000,postal-stationary expenses rs.5000, and personal assistant allowance Rs.20000. However, it is surprising that only 37 rupees and 50 paise are charged monthly rent from MLAs.

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