A Number Plate That’s Costlier Than A Car

| Updated: January 25, 2023 11:46 am

In a recently launched series, the Ahmedabad RTO received the highest bid ever for a fancy registration number. In the LMV (Light Motor Vehicle) category, Tushar Rameshchandra Mehta has offered Rs 10,21,000 for the number GJ-01-WK-1111.

Regional Transport Officer R S Desai said this is the highest bid received by the Ahmedabad RTO to date. “It is a reflection of the significance that people place on numbers,” said Desai. Any number’s previous highest bid was less than Rs 8,50,000.

An RTO official said, “One can easily buy a luxurious hatchback or a decent sedan or mid-segment vehicle for the amount that has been bid for the number.” Less than half of the highest bid is placed by the next highest bidder. The most sought-after number typically throughout auctions was number 0001, and Divyansh Kumar bid Rs 3,95,000 for it.

In the online auction, Jaymin R Patel placed the third-highest bid for the number GUJ-01-WK-0111 at Rs 2,21,000, and Bharatsinh Ratansinh Parmar placed the fourth-highest bid for the number GJ-01-WK-0007 at Rs 2,16,000. Sukhdevsinh placed the fifth-highest bet for the number GJ-01-WK-0009 for Rs 1,99,000, and Chirag placed the sixth-highest bid on GJ-01-WK-7272 for Rs 1,56,000.

The registration number GJ-01-XD-0007 received the highest bid in the two-wheeler category, fetching a price of Rs 34,000, while GJ-01-XD-0001 attracted a bid of Rs 33,000. The three registration numbers GJ-01-XD-7878, GJ-01-XD-1919, and GJ-01-XD-1010 received the third-highest price of Rs 11,000 apiece.

The number GJ-01-XD-0101 received the fourth-highest bid of Rs 10,000, and the number GJ-01-XD-0009 received the fifth-highest bet of Rs 8,000. On January 7, the auction’s results were announced. The most sought-after registration numbers are placed in the “golden category,” where the RTO requests a deposit of Rs 40,000 for four-wheeler registration numbers and Rs 8,000 for two-wheeler registration numbers from prospective bidders.

Silver is the second-highest category of numbers, where LMVs must deposit Rs 15,000 to participate in the auction while two-wheelers must deposit Rs 3,500. An LMV owner must spend Rs 8,000 for the initial bid in order to request any other number, whilst a two-wheeler owner must pay Rs 2,000.

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