Actors show the way to a fitter ‘you’ during the pandemic

| Updated: July 24, 2021 7:08 pm

The pandemic has shown us that you don’t need machines and weights and the gym to remain fit. There’s always yoga, skipping, walking, jogging, and cycling. And if you are looking for more alternatives, here are some more. 


Last month, the 85-year-old veteran actor posted a video of himself in the pool. His head is underwater, his grip on the bar strong, his legs splashing in sync before he turns and swims the length of the pool. He informs that he had started learning water aerobics to which daughter Esha responds, saying, “You truly are the HE Man & (an) inspiration for all. Stay fit and stay blessed.”

Her papa then goes on to reveal that he is getting ready to do some good films, asserting that he had wanted to become an actor not just to entertain but also to inspire. “God blessed me and I am on my way,” he states. Three weeks later, he is doing aerobics in the evening too.


“Hello pole, we meet again,” Kriti Kharbanda exulted, returning to the studio in June after a year-and-a-half. She admits that while pole dancing can be exhausting, the happiness and satisfaction it brings is something else. Wrapped around the pole, swaying gracefully, Kriti insists that if you let the fear of the unknown hold you back, you will never know all the great things you are capable of. For the actress this routine not only keeps the body in great shape, but it also sharpens the mind and empowers you, making you believe you can conquer the world.  


 Zareen Khan has taken up gymnastics to realize a childhood dream. Refusing to listen to skeptics who insisted that at 30-plus she had crossed the age or those who thought she was a little too fleshed out for it, the actress took her first class on July 14, doing a perfect handstand. “Feeling happy and proud, looking forward to learning a lot more,” was her Wednesday wisdom.  


Her beau Tiger Shroff often joins the ‘boys’—Ranbir Kapoor, Arjun Kapoor, Ibrahim Ali Khan, Aparshakti Khurrana, Adar Jain–for a football match. One Sunday, he took the paparazzi by surprise, turning up with Disha who joined him for a practice session, jogging around the field, and even kicking a ball. We have already seen Disha in the gym doing everything from strength training to kickboxing and gymnastics. Is football the new game plan? Wouldn’t it be great if she were to lead a gang of girls, including Alia Bhatt, Malaika Arora, Sara Ali Khan, Tara Sutaria, against the boys in a football match?


The lockdowns have kept Rakul Preet Singh away from not just the gym but also the golf course. The actress, however, refuses to be boxed in. Last year, as soon as restrictions were eased, the National-level golfer was back on course, playing 18 holes in five hours in the July heat. Now, she has found another way to tee off while penned at home. She goes up to the terrace every morning and sweats her way through a kickboxing session with her trainer. “Don’t give up. Glove you,” Rakul urges her fans.


For Ali Fasal it is “Giddy up”. The actor has started learning horse riding at the Amateur Riding Club at Mumbai’s Mahalaxmi Race Course. Three days after posing happily astride a horse, Ali took his first fall. As he sat icing his backside, Dia Mirza pointed out wisely, “They say until you have fallen, you are not a rider”, and Ali promised to return to “you wonderful fellas” soon. Hee-haw!


Vidyut Jammmwal has been showing us ways to combat the Coronavirus through a series of videos during the pandemic that has earned him as huge a following as his films. Recently, when he was in Serbia, the actor continued with his exercise regime, hopping on a broomstick and impressing a wide-eyed pup with his sweeping moves. Thereafter, it was swimming with the dolphins, animal walking and skating in the ring with the kiddos. Now, it’s back to his core strength, kalaripayattu.


A decade ago, Randeep Hooda had started learning boxing from a former national coach, Chiranjeevi. It was prep for a film titled Deewani that he was planning with Tigmanshu Dhulia about how boxing has become a way out of poverty for many youngsters in Haryana. The film never got made, but the actor got to showcase his mukkebaazi in the romantic drama, Do Lafzon Ki Kahani. Recently, he posted an Insta reel of him shadow boxing and thanked his coach, Pro MMA fighter, national coach, and celebrity trainer Irfan Khan, for the impressive display. “In the end, the fight is with your own self,” Randeep pointed out. So true! 

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