Ahmedabad: 41 Degrees Celsius Temp Expected Today

| Updated: May 23, 2022 9:31 am

Ahmedabad was the hottest city in Gujarat for the third consecutive day on Sunday. The city people experienced a maximum of 41.9 Degrees Celsius with an atmosphere with breezy and gusty winds. This was the result of moisture brought by south-westerly winds from over the Arabian Sea, informed the Indian Meteorological Department on Sunday.

According to the statement by the weather forecasting department, the temperature in Ahmedabad on Sunday remained close to the normal temperature and no large is expected during the next two days in the city. Therefore, the temperature in Ahmedabad is expected to be around 41 Degrees Celsius for the next two days. However, the city is likely to experience an increase of two to three Degree Celsius during the next three days after that, added the statement.

Bhavnagar on Sunday was the second hottest place in Gujarat after Ahmedabad with a maximum temperature of 41 Degrees Celsius. Bhavnagar was followed by the state capital, Gandhinagar with 40.4 Degrees Celsius and Surendranagar with 40.3 Degrees Celsius of temperature.

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