Ahmedabad Airport Announces Development Plans To Uplift Fliers’ Experience

| Updated: January 24, 2023 3:00 pm

Adani Airports owned Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport (SVPI), Ahmedabad has announced several development projects with the objective of the proposed infrastructural development at Ahmedabad International Airport to create an economically viable and sustainable business ecosystem, according to the press release.

It will expand the airport’s catchment area, build airport infrastructure in line with anticipated traffic, guarantee safe & effective airport operations, and uphold the brand promise of providing a positive airport experience for visitors. The decision is due to the infrastructure at the Terminal being insufficient to accommodate the current and extraordinarily high demand.

The terminals’ current capacity is just 8 million passengers per year (MPPA), and it has been predicted that by the end of FY 25–26, that number will have risen to about 20 MPPA. The likely passenger volume for FY 22–23 is 12 MPPA. The Ahmedabad International Airport has a variety of development and expansion projects planned, including the construction of a new integrated terminal building and the renovation of current terminals.

The renovation and development work includes the increase in the following infrastructure for better passenger flow which are Entry / Exit Gates, Check-In Counters, Security lanes for frisking, Boarding Bridges and Bus gates, and Immigration/Emigration counters.

Adding more passenger amenities and supporting cutting-edge terminal infrastructure, such as E-gates, Self-Baggage Drop Counters, Increased Passenger Seating area with additional capacity Escalators, Elevators, and Appealing aesthetics aligned with the city’s culture and heritage. Refurbishment of existing infrastructure (including flooring, ceiling, toilets) City-side check-in facilities, Kerb-side facilities for passengers and visitors arriving early at the airport. Improvement in approach road and construction of new roads.

The aforementioned proposed enhancements must meet best-in-class standards for passenger safety and security and are mandated by the concession agreements signed with the Airport Authority of India. The press release stated that there is a significant difference between the proposed and existing facilities, however, the projected increase in UDF is being compared to the current UDF rates at Ahmedabad International Airport. At Ahmedabad International Airport, the projected UDF prices are competitive with those at other significant airports with comparable facilities. 

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