Ahmedabad City Records 20 New Cases Of Covid 19

|Ahmedabad | Updated: May 14, 2022 9:55 am

Ahmedabad city recorded 20 new Covid cases on Thursday. With the discharge of nine patients, the total number of active COVID 19 cases in Ahmedabad reached 139. 

Gujarat has recorded 28 cases. It has discharged 23 patients and the total number of active cases to 188.

According to an analysis of COVID 19 cases in the State, Ahmedabad recorded 139 cases in the last seven days, accounting for 72 percent of the 193 cases documented across Gujarat. Vadodara had 29 occurrences in a week, accounting for 15% of the total. It is however reassuring that 20 out of 33 districts have reported no active cases.

Gujarat vaccinated 2,633 people in 24 hours for the first dose and 25,002 people for the second. The cumulative count shows that 5.39 crore people received the first and 5.16 crore people received the second dose of the COVID vaccination.

The state delivered 9,629 second doses to children aged 12 to 14, bringing the total to 9.06 lakh.

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