Ahmedabad: Civil Medicity Wins Approval For Uterus Transplants

| Updated: August 3, 2022 4:12 pm

State Authorization Committee recently gave its approval to Kidney Institute in Ahmedabad Civil Medicity for carrying out uterus transplant procedures. From now on, the institute will be able to conduct kidney, liver, pancreas and uterus transplant procedures. This will be the country’s first semi-government institute to offer uterus transplant facilities. The permission for uterus transplant was given under the 1994 transplantation of Human Organ Act of the Government of Gujarat.

Director of the Institute of Kidney Diseases and Research Centre (IKDRC), Dr Vineet Mishra, said this is a big achievement as earlier in the country, uterus transplantation was possible only in private institutes.

Uterus transplant can prove to be a boon for women who are suffering from infertility issues. This transplant can be very helpful to women who wish to bear a child but are unable to do so as the uterus has not developed correctly because of some genetic issues. It can also be an option for women suffering from uterine dysfunctions.

Gujarat government’s State Organ and Tissue, Transplant Organisation (SOTTO) has been working hard to get more such institutes approved for more transplantation procedures. Transplant centres are functioning at 22 locations across Gujarat.

The Kidney Institute will offer uterus transplant procedures at a nominal cost under the government scheme. In the last five years, the institute has successfully conducted 587 Liver, 365 Kidney, 4 Pancreas and 1472 Renal transplants.

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