Ahmedabad Temp Likely To Be 42 Degrees Today, To Remain Same During Next Three Days

| Updated: June 6, 2022 7:57 am

With a maximum of 42.5 Degrees Celsius, Ahmedabad on Sunday was reported to be the hottest place in Gujarat. The maximum temperature was recorded to be 1.8 Degrees Celsius more than the normal temperature. While there was a drop of 1 Degree Celsius less than the normal minimum temperature and the minimum temperature remained 27 Degrees Celsius in the city.

According to the statement released by the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD), the temperature on Monday is expected to hover at 42 Degrees in Ahmedabad and more or less the same temperature is expected during the subsequent 48 hours. Followed by this, a decrease of two to three Degrees Celsius is expected during the next three days in Ahmedabad, added the statement.

As many as four other places in Gujarat recorded a maximum temperature of more than 42 Degrees Celsius. Ahmedabad, the hottest place in Gujarat on Sunday, was followed by Surendranagar with a maximum temperature of 42.4 Degrees Celsius, Vallabh Vidyanagar at 42.1 Degrees Celsius and Gandhinagar along with Amreli reported a maximum of 42 Degrees Celsius temperature.

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