Ahmedabad: Why Should One Be Singled Out When CGDCR Fixes Blame On Six For Aspire-2 Tragedy?

| Updated: September 16, 2022 8:43 am

The seven labourers who perished on Wednesday in the Aspire-2 building catastrophe after falling from the 13th level lacked basic safety gear. They fell from a  suspended platform whose safety and stability had not been verified. This fact along with numerous other reckless and negligent oversights, were noted in the disaster.

It is also astonishing that interpretation of comprehensive general development control regulations (CGDCR), enacted by the state government in 2017 stipulations would put the blame on six people concerned, however
 criminal charges have only been brought against the contractor.

The developer or owner, the structural engineer, the site engineer, the architect, the clerk of works, and the fire emergency team appointed for the construction site are all listed in the CDGCR’s “Record of Persons” section. According to the CDGCR, the contractor is a “agency” that must be supervised by the four people assigned to keep track of the building site’s records.

None of the members listed as “record of persons,” including the developer, have received a show cause letter from the AMC, nor has it launched an investigation or taken any other enforcement action.

According to the CDGCR, the owner is in charge of implementing “sufficient safety measures.” According to the CDGCR, the architect, site engineer, clerk of works, and structural engineer must “instruct relevant agency for adequate arrangements for workers’ safety and throughout excavation, construction, and erection.”

The suspended platform that the workers were using on the 13th floor, according to the authorities, was structurally unsound. “The labourers were not given helmets or safety nets by the contractors or constructors. The platform was in terrible shape and broke, sending the workers flying. This demonstrates criminal carelessness on the part of the builders and contractors, a police official said.

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