AMC School Board: Black Future For Students As Schools Run With 771 Fewer Teachers

| Updated: April 13, 2022 2:19 pm

When the candidates are requesting the government regularly to recruit the Vidya Sahayaks, it is revealed that as many as 771 posts of regular teachers are vacant in the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation-run schools.

AMC runs a total of 444 schools in Ahmedabad with 305 Gujarati, 63 Hindi, 38 Urdu, and 37 English medium schools. There is a total of 3913 teachers employed against 4684 posts, leaving 771 posts vacant as of today.

Most vacant posts are in English medium schools where 188 teachers’ posts require to be fulfilled. Against the requirement of 253 teachers, only 65 teachers are on the job in English medium schools.

63 teachers are in excess of Urdu medium schools which are employed in Hindi medium schools but the arrangement is not very useful as the teachers are not completely conversant with Hindi terminology.

Most of the vacancies are in the schools in east Ahmedabad. The corporation is taking the help of NGOs and guest faculties but it is not enough. There are at least 467 teachers from NGOs and other guest faculty working in municipal schools.

The AMC School Board officials have said that there are 5000 more students admitted than the previous year. Also, around 6600 students have shifted from private schools to AMC run schools. The revelation should be seen not as a compliment on the AMC run school but as the sharp downfall of the economic conditions of the middle class. Whatever the reason, the AMC School Board must act quickly to address the issue to safeguard the future of the next generation.

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