Aramness And Other Luxury Gir Resorts Raided For Tax Evasion

| Updated: June 11, 2022 8:07 pm

The Gujarat Goods and Services Tax (SGST) department searched hotels, resorts, and booking agents in and surrounding Sasan-Gir National Park and discovered Rs 11.97 crore in tax fraud.

The department’s teams investigated 25 places in Sasan-Gir including 17 hotels and resorts, as well as the offices of two booking brokers in Ahmedabad. According to an official statement released by the department on Saturday, hotels and resorts in Sasan-Gir were found to have recorded lower room charges, supplied undeclared services, and paid tax under low slabs.

Names of the top resorts are as follows: Gir Birding Lodge, Jagira Ananta Elite, Gir Pride Resort, Aramness,Carrie’s Retreat Resort, Amidhara Stay,Aramness Gir National Park, Sterling Rudra Gir, Efficient Resort, Daksh Resort, Savaj Resort, Sukhsagar Gir Resort, Kanj Gir Lion Resort, Lion Safari Camp, Amidhara Resort, the Comfort Gir resort, Run Riders, and the postcard.  

The investigators have demanded that the erring hotels and resorts pay Rs 3.04 crore in taxes and penalties. According to the press release, the department has already collected Rs 2.14 crore.

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