Aryan Khan Finally Gets Bail

| Updated: October 28, 2021 5:09 pm

Bombay High Court has finally granted bail to Shah Rukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan in the drugs case along with Arbaz Merchant and Munmun Damecha. Former AG Mukul Rohtagi said that detailed report will be released tomorrow. And hopefully, all the accused will be out of jail by Saturday. Justice Sambre heard the arguments today from Additional Solicitor General Anil Singh who represents the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB).

The hearing started at 3pm after being delayed yesterday. During the hearing, Singh said that Arbaz Merchant who is also accused in the case is a childhood friend of Aryan. And even if the Aryan Khan did not consume drugs, he was part of the conspiracy. Following this, Aryan Khan shall also be treated under the same law.

Further talking about testing, he said that the accusations made are based on the possession of drugs. And at the time of the arrest, Accused No 1 (Aryan Khan) was conscious and in possession of the drugs. He also that if the WhatsApp chats are to be relied upon, then Aryan Khan did make an attempt to procure drugs of the commercial quantity. However, it cannot be said if the drugs were for personal consumption.

ASG further informed the court that Charas was for the consumption of both. But at the time of the arrest it was with Arbaz Merchant. He said that the arrest memo mentions the quantity of the drugs and Aryan Khan was in possession of the commericial quantity of the drugs.

While concluding his statement, he said that even if any irregularities were made at the time of the arrest, they all are rectified now.

“Conspiracy is difficult to prove, the conspirators know how they conspired. I leave it to the conscious of the court,” said ASG concluding his submissions.

Concluding the arguments, former Additional General Mukul Rohtagi said that Aryan knew nobody on the ship except Achit and Arbaz. And Achi who has arrested 4 days later had 2.4 gms of drugs. And the dealers must have 200 grams of drugs.

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