Ahmedabad: Aslali Police Nab Two Fake Doctors Running Clinic In Lambha

| Updated: July 13, 2022 6:18 pm

Aslali police today nabbed two men who were running a medical clinic with no solid degrees or any certificates. This arrest came about when Inspector General of Police V. Chandrasekhar, Ahmedabad Division, Superintendent of Police Virendrasinh Yadav, Ahmedabad, and Deputy Superintendent of Police Bhaskar Vyas, Sanand Division, discovered that many clinics in the district are being run by fake doctors. The officials instructed their teams to conduct serious investigations and bring in all these men and shut down their clinics.

The officials then found out that such a private clinic named Jai Yogeshwar was being operated at Aditya Oasis apartments in Lambha Indiranagar Division-01. When the police reached the place they found out that the so-called doctors did not have any certificate to prove that they were medical practitioners or any other supporting evidence. As such Dharmendra Narendra Kumar and Ramkumar Prabhunath were taken into custody. The two accused had acquired medical equipment and allopathic medicines to operate their farce of a clinic. In all, the police have seized equipment and medicines worth more than Rs62066 from the clinic.

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