NaMo’s Varanasi Gets A Shot In The Arm To Revive Tourism, Hospitality

January 24, 2023 5:20 pm

Further to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s constituency Varanasi getting a Friday shot in the arm with investments worth Rs 46,000 Cr, tourism undoubtedly has emerged the biggest beneficiary of the investments.  As many as 292 MoUs were signed at the Varanasi Investors Summit on Friday, and these investments are worth Rs 46,000 crore. The highest […]

Indian Tourists Surpass Chinese Visiting Singapore, 2nd Highest In The World

January 3, 2023 4:52 pm

According to data from the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) through November, Indians are the second-highest number of visitors to Singapore. As a result, Indian tourist numbers have surpassed those of China. Prior to the COVID epidemic, Chinese were the most common visitors to Singapore. Before the COVID pandemic, Chinese tourists were the largest group to […]

Sai Tamhankar To Explore Maharashtra In Nat Geo’s Upcoming Docuseries Postcards

December 28, 2022 6:34 pm

Maharashtra is a state that brings with it a diversified, rich, and dynamic culture. It is a land bursting with a variety of wonderful historic hotspots, beautiful shrines, an amazing collection of caves, and heaps of gastronomic options. Postcards from Maharashtra, a new series from National Geographic in India and actor Sai Tamhankar, will immerse […]

Ranthambore Trip of Savvy Fernweh gives you an idea about Resorts and all.

December 12, 2022 6:17 pm

Savvy and Anky, the couple travel vloggers and digital creators, always create well-detailed content and videos on their travels. Hundreds of people and professionals have been making the most of the opportunities in their respective industries to raise the bar for others, gain massive inspiration, and pave their own path to growth and success. So […]