Sai Tamhankar To Explore Maharashtra In Nat Geo’s Upcoming Docuseries Postcards

| Updated: December 28, 2022 6:34 pm

Maharashtra is a state that brings with it a diversified, rich, and dynamic culture. It is a land bursting with a variety of wonderful historic hotspots, beautiful shrines, an amazing collection of caves, and heaps of gastronomic options. Postcards from Maharashtra, a new series from National Geographic in India and actor Sai Tamhankar, will immerse viewers in the diverse attractions and distinctive culture of the magnificent Indian state by using an immersive and authentic style of storytelling.

“Exploring my own state with National Geographic – a brand that is known for its insightful storytelling – in collaboration with Maharashtra Tourism is truly an honor for me. Through this opportunity, I got a chance to experience and re-kindle my love for mystic beauty, palatable delicacies, and the rich Marathi culture like a traveler. Being part of the series made me feel proud to be a Marathi Mulgi and this series will always own a special place in my heart,” said Sai Tamhankar.

The seven-part series, which will make its National Geographic debut on December 29, 2022, will follow Sai Tamhankar as she explores, re-connects with her hometown, and makes gastronomic diversions. The stories will also showcase locations like the ancient caverns of Elephanta, UNESCO heritage sites in Aurangabad, to the magnificent temples of Pune and Nasik, in addition to delicious cuisine offerings, historic places of worship, forts, and antique monuments. Sai will also be seen perusing the mouthwatering restaurants and shopping areas in several locations. 

“At National Geographic, we strive to bring stories that have the power to enlighten our audiences and transform the way we understand the world around us. With our Postcard series, it has been our endeavor to showcase the most unique features of a state combined with visually stunning imagery and impactful story. In this series, we have showcased the beautiful state of Maharashtra which embraces the pristine beauty of nature and cuisines. We are happy to have Sai Tamhankar as the host, making the journey a perfect viewing experience for travel buffs,” said a National Geographic spokesperson.

Beginning on December 29, 2022, Postcards from Maharashtra will debut on the National Geographic Channel in India.

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