Ahmedabad: Class II Student Of St Xavier’s Loyola School Tests Positive For Covid-19

| Updated: April 13, 2022 7:57 am

A Class II student of Ahmedabad’s St. Xavier’s Loyola school tested positive for Covid-19. The mother of the child informed the school management on Tuesday, April 12, 2022.

Without any delay after the school management received the information, the parents of the students were asked to pick up their children back home, nearly two hours after the school started for the day, declaring the rest of the school day an off-day. Concerned parents reached the Loyola campus and there they were informed about the fact that a Class II student of the school was Covid- 19 positive.

The management said that the parents of the students were informed as soon as we received the information from the mother of the ward. Followed by this, the entire school was sanitized as a precautionary measure. Also, the parents are asked to get their children tested for Covid-19 if the child has any related symptoms. But on a positive note, the teachers concerned have informed that the student who has tested positive for Covid-19 was irregular at school and was absent for a couple of days last week.

The final term examination in the school will begin soon and hence, the school management has asked the parents to avoid sending their kids to the school if they wish to do so. This will help the students to prepare for the final exams at home and will keep them safe, the school management said.

However, looking at the risk of exposure to the virus, the parents of other students are demanding the examinations be taken at a later date or shall be taken via online mode. In case that is not possible then the management is asked by the parents to conduct online examinations for the students of Class II at least, citing the fact that the student who has tested positive, would have met and would have come in contact with several other students in his class.

The school management is looking into the matter and postponing the final examination or conducting it via online mode is yet to be decided.

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