Clogged Toilets Of Istanbul Airport Reveal Dingucha Connection

| Updated: March 9, 2022 12:50 pm

Istanbul airport is facing a weird issue lately which might have direct ties to India. The issue of clogged toilets is rising a lot in the airport premises. After deep investigations, it was revealed that many illegal immigration rackets are resurfacing in Gujarat, and the ones who are immigrating illegally are advised to tear their passports down and flush them down the toilets. The only reason behind doing this is because,getting caught with fake Indian passports have a higher chance of being deported back to India.

If it wasn’t for the Patel family from Dingucha these illegal ways wouldn’t have surfaced to light. After this incident, the Gujarat Police immediately took charge and busted around 8 such agents who offer such illegal immigration facilities and have put several more under the eye since last month.

The Gujarat Police have found that the preferred route for these illegal immigrants is the Turkey-Mexico-US one. These illegal immigrants are instructed to destroy the fake paperwork as they land in Istanbul. If they get caught they get to make a call to the attorney whose number they have memorized with the instructions of the agent. In a similar incident, the toilets at Heathrow airport used to get blocked often due to similar reasons. 

After the Indian fake papers are destroyed the Mexican agents take over and provide the immigrants with another set of fake documents along with fake Mexican passports, which helps them in the further procedure. From Mexico, they are smuggled to the US with Mexican identities.

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