Gujarat CM Bhupendra Patel Inaugurates Electric Vehicle Centre Of Excellence; Encourages Young Startups

| Updated: January 29, 2022 11:57 am

I-Create’s Center of Excellence is to give a new impetus to the ecosystem for the success of Gujarat’s E-Vehicle Policy-2021. It will do so by achieving the target of using electric vehicles by 2030. 

Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel visited the campus of the International Centre for Entrepreneurship and Technology i-Create. There he got in-depth information about the innovative research and activities of various startups.  He also encouraged them by having direct conversations with young startups.

The Chief Minister arrived at the i-Create campus near Dev Dholera in Ahmedabad district with Chief Secretary Pankaj Kumar.  Bhupendra Patel also inaugurated i-Create’s Electric Vehicle Center of Excellence during the visit.  The i-Create EV Center of Excellence has a number of initiatives ranging from creating unique and integrated open-source platforms for small electric vehicles to developing the Green Urban Mass Mobility Platform as an open standard for cities.

Gujarat Government has formulated the Gujarat Electric Vehicle Policy-2021 to support the centre’s target of 2030 Electric Vehicles (EVs).  It also includes schemes as a subsidy/incentive for EV buyers and those who invest in the development of EV infrastructure. 

The CM was informed during the visit about i-Create’s EV Centre of Excellence’s partnership with leading companies in the industry. And that it is to reap the benefits of standardization, interoperability and future-proofing.  This will encourage next-generation innovation, which can be brought to the market quickly.

On this occasion, the CM convened a meeting to review the i-Create plans. He also interacted with several startups supported by i-Create to inspire them.  Chief Secretary Pankaj Kumar, Industry Commissioner Rahul Gupta, i-Create Founding Team Member K.  Thayagaranjan, MC Gupta, Business Head Rajiv Bose, Administration Head Vijay Nair, Marketing Head Payal Patel were present.

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