Congress’ Bad Luck Continues, Senior Politician Once Again Caught With a Woman By His Wife

| Updated: June 1, 2022 9:02 pm

This senior politician in Gujarat, who is known for his astute political sense, smart and scientific strategy making, and understanding the public pulse, has undermined the pulse and determination of his second wife who has now taken up a crusade to expose the affairs of her much-married husband.

Gujarat Congress respects this politician, but his unending love to change his mobile(numbers) and mahila (women) has put him in serious trouble in the past also.

Last night was again a repeat of four months back. His second wife caught him red-handed with his latest love interest in Anand.

She barged her way into the bungalow and, after knocking incessantly for a few dozen meetings, she found her 69-year-old husband with his latest love interest who is a 24-year-old girl. His wife, an American citizen, brought along her gang of supporters. She started bashing up her husband while the supporters shot the episode. A similar thing had happened in 2017 before the Gujarat Assembly elections.

Interestingly, while the wife (Shobha) kept beating up the husband, who was already shaky and high after a couple of drinks, the husband and senior politician (Laxman) kept on claiming himself as a Kanahiya, and it was okay for him to have a series of affairs.

“She found that her 69-year-old husband was indeed enjoying the privacy of the flat with the 24-year-old woman,” shared tight-lipped sources. From what has been gathered so far, he is reported to have retorted to his wife’s question saying: “What are you doing here. I will do anything as I am Kanhaiya (Krishna).”

Laxman has sought divorce from his wife to marry the 24-year-old whom he recently gifted a 50 lac accidental death insurance policy and a Creta car. The wife, however is in no mood to give him a divorce. So Laxman has reportedly signed a “Maitri karar” a friendship contract that allows him to have sex too. However, the much controversial Maitri karar which once upon a time was legal in Gujarat, has no legal standing now.

The leader, a former Union minister of State  and Gujarat Congress President, is the son of one of the most illustrious Congress state Chief Minister and an ex-Union minister. 

His wife Shobha sobbed that “I thought he would mend his ways after spending over 101 days in CIMS hospital in Ahmedabad. He was seriously infected with Covid and was on a ventilator for 56 days. His wife was by his side.

In an earlier complaint, his wife Shobha had charged him with domestic violence, laundering her money and transferring it into this girl’s accounts, and refusing her (the wife’s) entry into her marital home.

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