Congress Aggressively Debates Inflation In Gujarat Assembly

| Updated: April 1, 2022 6:42 pm

Participating in the discussion on the issue of inflation in a resolution mooted by Congress MLA Bharatji Thakor, Senior Congress MLA and Congress Whip Dr C J Chavda came down heavily on the ruling dispensation, Bhartiya Janata Party.

Dr C J Chavda pointed out that 3 crore persons had to be provided foodgrain under Antyoday Yojana and linked that with the continuous rule of BJP in the state since last 25 years.

Dr Chavda went on with his tirade sarcastically adding that even a small price rise of Rs.10 during the years when Congress was in power, would propel the BJP tohit the street with banging the empty tins.

He referred to Prime Minister Narendra Modi also in the speech and said that at that time as a BJP Leader Narendra Modi constantly criticized but now has become silent on the issue of inflation. Narendra Modi, Dr Chavda said, mocked the then Prime Minister Dr Man Mohan Singh as Maun Mohan Singh but has become silent himself. Even with the rise of a mere Rs.15 in the price of a bottle of gas, the agitators would dance with the bottle on their heads, he said.

Bharatji Thakor

Congress MLA from Becharaji Bharatji Thakore, who brought the resolution on the issue, said that when oil prices went up, all BJP MLAs used to rush to the well in the assembly.

Another Congress MLA Chandrikaben Baria talked about inflation. In an apparent dig at Modi’s pet phrase during rallies, she said that Narendra Modi’s “brothers and sisters” are forced to live on the street. She accused that even their letter is not being responded to. A bottle of gas which was available at Rs. 300 during UPA government, it is available at Rs.1000.

Chandrikaben Baria

All the Congress MLAs who participated in the discussion on the issue of inflation strongly criticized the government on the issue of rising prices of petrol, diesel and edible oil and introduced a proposal seeking to control inflation.

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