Congress Leaders Competing To Insult Me: Modi

| Updated: December 1, 2022 3:43 pm

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday said there was a competition among Congress leaders as to who will abuse him the most. Modi was referring to the Congress president Mallikarjun Kharge’s ‘Ravan’ jibe at him.

Before Kharge, another Congress leader had said the party will show Modi his aukat, the PM said, referring to Madhusudan Mistry’s remark last month. Addressing a poll rally at Kalol, Modi said such abusive words used for him were an insult to Gujarat and its people because he was raised by the people of this land. He asked people to teach the Congress leaders a lesson by voting for the lotus.

“I respect Khargeji but he has to follow the orders of his party high command. He was compelled to say that Modi has 100 heads like Ravan. But the Congress did not realise that Gujarat is the land of Ram Bhakts. Those who never believed in the existence of Lord Ram, have now brought in Ravan from Ramayana just to abuse me,” Modi said.

“I am surprised they never expressed repentance, forget about tendering an apology, after using such words for me. Congress leaders think it is their right to use abusive language for Modi and insult the country’s prime minister,” he said.

In a jibe at the Gandhi family, Modi said the Congress leaders were abusing him because their allegiance is towards a family, not India’s democracy. “For them, that family is everything. They will do anything to make the family happy. There is a competition among Congress leaders as to who will use the most abusive and most toxic slurs for Modi,” he said.

One leader even used such words during his Pakistan visit, the PM said. He said the opposition leaders have used all kinds of slurs for him, like “he will die a dog’s death, he will die Hitler’s death and one even said he will kill Modi if he gets a chance”.

“There is only one way to teach them a lesson. Vote for the BJP on December 5 by pushing a button on lotus. And I want to tell the Congressmen that our lotus will bloom more every time you indulge in mud-slinging,” he said.

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