Cyber Security In India: A Booming Industry

|Gujarat | Updated: October 19, 2022 9:26 pm

People are growing to link India with the terms “cyber security” and “cyber crime” these days. The sector is flourishing due to the rising demand for cyber security professionals. Because we use our phones more frequently than ever before and because even our cars can now connect to the internet, cyber security has become an essential element of our life (a boon for thieves). Read on if you’re considering a career in cyber security but aren’t sure where to begin.

As India Becomes More Digital, So Does Crime.

Digital India boosts crime. One of the world’s top digital economies, IT is booming. Cybercriminals steal millions in India even in just 5’6 months in 2019 and confidential data by using the same technology that makes things easier.

Sometimes even small hackers do cyber attacks when the router is outdated and when someone is using public WI-FI. To avoid this nasty situation on your behalf VPN online service can be taken from some reputed VPNs companies. If you have small enterprises then use of VPN will keep you safe from all types of small hackers.

Cybercrime not only affects individuals, businesses, and government institutions but also Cybercrime affects everyone, from people to large and small enterprises, and it can happen anywhere, anytime, and without warning when your computer is connected to the internet through an infected router, smartphone, or even just lying on your desk (or even simply sitting on your desk).

The Indian Government Has Taken Measures To Curb Cybercrime.

The establishment of a cyber security unit by the government will aid in the investigation and avoidance of cybercrimes. Additionally, it promotes private businesses to use specialists in this capacity. The government has established a fund worth Rs 400 crore ($56 million) to promote this endeavour and recompense those who have fallen victim to hacker or extortionist attacks online.

In The Past Five Years, The Cyber Security Industry Has Seen A Boom.

Cybersecurity has grown in the past five years. India has over 150% more cyber security enterprises and over 2,000 cybersecurity job vacancies every month.

In addition to this rise, the number of startups offering solutions to this problem has increased, such as ANAZE Technologies Pvt Ltd, which offers Hardware Security Modules (HSM) for companies that need to keep data properly but cannot afford full-blown HSM systems owing to cost or lack thereof. The company also hosts hacking and attack conferences and training workshops for anyone who wish to learn how to handle these concerns in workplaces where sensitive data may be exposed by malevolent means.

Many Countries Want To Partner With India In The Cyber Security Field.

India has a great skill base of professionals and is a global leader in cyber security. India is collaborating with other nations to develop an international cybersecurity framework.

Because of its ties to the US and the UK, India has gained the respect of other governments, who are working with it to create standards for safeguarding vital national resources and essential infrastructure networks.

There Is a Growing Demand For Cyber Security Experts.

There are numerous chances in the field if you’re interested. Over 1 million cybersecurity positions are open globally right now, and India is one of the top sources for this talent, according to a survey by Cybersecurity Ventures. As businesses continue to invest in their infrastructure and systems, the demand for qualified cyber security specialists will only increase.

The need for cybersecurity experts is growing quickly, and pay have increased by 6% in the last year alone, or over $40K, according to PayScale and ZingHR (a human resources software startup).

Due to the country’s growing digitization and the requirement for cyber security measures, India’s cyber security industry is expanding.

India has experienced a significant development in digitization and digital services over the last ten years. Cybersecurity precautions will become more and more important as technology advances. This is because to the ease with which hackers can attack these systems; they may steal data or result in financial losses by tampering with online transactions.

The government has taken steps to protect India’s digital infrastructure by heavily funding research and development (R&D) projects that cover everything from computer science-related topics like artificial intelligence (AI) to cyber security issues like malware detection software development and other related topics, which are crucial for protecting India from cyberattacks.


As we’ve seen, India’s cyber security market is expanding as a result of the nation’s rapid digitization and the demand for cyber security measures. As a result of the recent growth in the sector, several nations are keen to work with India to strengthen their cybersecurity capabilities.

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