Dawood Is In Pakistan, Sends Rs10 lakhs To His Siblings Each Month, Alleges Witness 

| Updated: May 25, 2022 6:46 pm

The Enforcement Directorate’s Money Laundering Unit has learned from a witness that NCP minister Nawab Malik’s brother, fugitive terror suspect Dawood Ibrahim, who is based in Pakistan, sends his siblings Rs10 lakh every month.

A Khalid Usman Shaikh told ED that one of his close sources who work for the gangster stated that Dawood sends Rs10 lakhs through his men to his siblings every month. The source stated, “On a couple of occasions, that source also showed me the cash he claimed to have received from Dawoodbhai.”

Over the years, ED has received similar tips and information from different sources who have been in touch with close associates of the underworld don. Over the years, there has been a buzz regarding Dawood being underground in Pakistan.

Additionally, the ED was also told by Khalid that Salim Patel, Dawood’s sister Haseena Parkar’s driver-cum-bodyguard, once told him he and Haseena were extorting money in Dawood’s name and encroaching on properties. 

This information is in line with ED’s prior allegations, where the regulatory body has accused Haseena and her associates of illegally acquiring large properties. 

Ibrahim Dawood is an unapprehended mafia gangster and terrorist who is accused to have masterminded the Mumbai bombings in March 1993. He was declared a “global terrorist’ in the year 2003 by the Indian and American Governments. 

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