EKAM World Peace Festival’s 4th edition announced

| Updated: January 7, 2022 12:50 pm

Naresh Parmar

Ekam World Peace Festival has been celebrated in 100 countries for 3 years now with a single goal: To remind humanity of their own innate ability to live at peace. Today while announcing the 4th Edition of EKAM WORLD Peace Festival, the Ahmedabad (Gujarat) chapter of the launch had attendees meditating together and holding heartfelt intention towards nurturing world peace through fostering human connection, as well as inner-peace within themselves.

They announced that this year (in 2021), the 4th annual EKAM World Peace Festival will take place from September 17 to 19 in India at a sacred place called ‘Ekam’.

Sri Preethaji & Sri Krishnaji – co-creators of Ekam who are India’s renowned spiritual leaders also shared their insights on how an individual can reach deep into his/her soul and connect with the universal energy that unifies all beings across space and time which is what we call “Ekam”. The peace intentions to be held during the festival this year are – peace for healing economic unrest, peace for healing division and peace for healing the planet.

The chief guests of the occasion were Shri Prakash Varmora, Dr Malti Mehta, Smt. Ritu Mehta & Smt.Uma Raman inspired attendees to live a life full of peace love and connection. The vision for Ekam’s World Peace Festival is to focus on impacting individuals’ consciousness in order to bring about world peace- this goes beyond religion; it is inclusive of all humanity. Hosted by well-known transformational leaders Sri Preethaji and Sri Krishnaji, this festival has proven itself as being one of the largest meditation gatherings in history. Dignitaries from different nations are to join the festival and meditate for world peace.

This is a free online meditation and you are welcome to collectively meditate for peace and for healing the planet.  Sri Preethaji and Sri Krishnaji will live stream daily, 55 minutes of Peace wisdom and Meditations from Ekam during the festival. This free online 55 minutes event will allow you to collectively mediate from anywhere in the world at https://www.youtube.com/pkconsciousness/live

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