Ex-Servicemen Group Organise Candle March In Gandhinagar

|Gandhinagar | Updated: September 14, 2022 9:45 pm

A candlelight march was held at Gandhinagar Assembly Gate by ex servicemen, veterans and their family members today evening  to pay homage to 73-year-old Ex-servicemen Kanjibhai Mothalia who died during the mass protest yesterday. The ex servicemen claim that their fellow agitator died due to police excess. The association was demonstrating over their pending demands when they say the police thrashed them up leading to Kanjibhai’s death. The Government claims that the ex serviceman died of a heart attack.

Kanjibhai, the 72-year-old Army veteran died on Tuesday afternoon during an ex-protest for servicemen in Gandhinagar, allegedly because of police misconduct, which those present say that he was beaten mercilessly by the cops on duty.

According to Gandhinagar Superintendent of Police Tarun Kumar Duggal, the former Army man died of a heart attack and other age-related problems.

On Tuesday afternoon, approximately 100 ex-servicemen had assembled near Chiloda circle on the outskirts of Gandhinagar and they marched  to put pressure on the government to fulfil their demands. While the group of ex-servicemen gathered outside the gate of an army station on the Gandhinagar-Chiloda road, a senior member of the Ex-Servicemen Association of Gujarat, Magan Solanki said that some protestors made had reached Gandhinagar. The Ex-army men have been protesting, demanding the Gujarat government accept their unfulfilled requests. Some of their demands include a government job for one member of each of those martyred in service of the nation besides a blanket job reservations in state government jobs in all cadres.

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