Grishma Vekaria Murder Case: Fenil Goayani Challenges Death Sentence In Gujarat HC

| Updated: June 12, 2022 6:32 pm

Fenil Goyani, who was sentenced to death by a district court for the killing of 21-year-old Grishma Vekaria, has filed an appeal with the Gujarat High Court to reverse the judgment. According to sources, the court may hear Goyani’s appeal next week.

The district special court, on May 5, sentenced Fenil Goyani of Surat district to death for brutally killing Grishma. On May 17, the state government filed an application in the Gujarat High Court to confirm Goyani’s death sentence. As per the law, the lower court’s death penalty sentence must be confirmed by the state High Court. The High Court has scheduled a hearing for this purpose on June 28.

Goyani killed Grishma by slitting her throat in front of her family. He later attempted suicide by cutting his wrists. The incident happened in brought daylight and was captured in videos that were trending all over the internet.

Goyani was rushed to the hospital after the incident was reported and given treatment. Goyani was discharged from the hospital on was arrested by police on February 16. Goyani was also suspected to have stabbed Grishma’s brother Dhruv and uncle Shaileshbhai Vekariya, who were trying to rescue the victim.

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