Fierce Fire In GIDC Of Bharuch Injures More Than 30 Workers

| Updated: May 18, 2022 1:49 pm

A huge fire broke out at GIDC in Dahej, Bharuch, following an explosion in Bharat Chemical Company’s boiler. It is believed that nearly 30 workers were severely injured due to the incident. Over 10 fire fighting teams and at least 6 ambulances were rushed to the spot. The victims have been taken to various hospitals for treatment.

The incident was so gruesome that the onlookers were in panic. With this explosion, thick smoke covered the sky and was visible up to 2 kilometers. Fire department were working with all their might to get the fire under control but were only able to so after nearly two hours of struggle.

According to sources, there was a huge explosion in the Bharat Chemical Company in Dahej, that led to massive fire. But this was not the end as tiny explosions continued to happen randomly, causing a flare-up in the fire. There was not only an atmosphere of fear among the employees of nearby companies, but there was also a commotion among the surrounding villagers.

The incident was reported to the Department of Industrial Safety, GPCB, Police and Administration. However, from time to time, fierce flames from the blasts started appearing in the sky from 3 to 4 kilometers away. Although it is known that many workers suffered burns and injuries of various degrees, the exact number is yet to known. It is also not known if there have been any fatalities.

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