Flights Connecting Delhi Pivoted To Ahmedabad Due To Heavy Showers

| Updated: May 25, 2022 1:52 pm

Heavy showers and feisty winds in Delhi brought flights with more than 900 unscheduled fliers to Ahmedabad airport. On Tuesday, during the early hours at the Ahmedabad airport, passengers were thick on the ground. Moreover, 263 passengers, including 17 crew members, were aboard an Air-Canada flight quelled due to turbulence.

Three passengers and five crew members were injured and treated at the medical facility of Sardar Vallabhai Patel International Airport, Ahmedabad. The airlines diverted two international flights and five domestic flights to Ahmedabad due to the poor weather in Delhi. Apart from the Air-Canada flight, the authorities also halted the United Airlines operated flight Newark-Delhi flight. Further, the five domestic flights connected Varanasi-Jaipur, Surat-Jaipur, Chennai-Delhi, Hyderabad-Jaipur, and Delhi-Jaipur.

Air-Canada AC42

The Air-Canada flight AC42 from Toronto to Delhi had adults, children, and elderly members. Satish Shah, a flight passenger, said, “We were about to land at the Delhi airport. But, the crew announced that they diverted the plane to Ahmedabad due to harsh weather conditions. Meanwhile, the passengers collided with seats and sustained injuries. Fortunately, we all had fastened our seatbelts as the plane was about to land. Thus, the injuries were minor. Later, the deployed medical team gave us the necessary first aid.”

Rains are bucketing down in the capital of India, Delhi. The weather has also interfered with the flight schedule at Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi. Air Canada mentions that passenger safety is their priority in an official statement. They said, “Our crew is highly skilled in handling all emergencies. The Captain landed the plane smoothly, and the cabin crew did an outstanding job assisting the passengers. We also arranged meals and accommodation for them.”

The Ahmedabad authorities have checked the flights thoroughly. In addition to this, the flights will restart on Wednesday local time. Airlines have also booked flights for the halted passengers to their final destination. Regardless, the passengers struggled in the chaos to find their luggage and connecting flights to Delhi. The flights stranded the passengers for hours in Ahmedabad. Some passengers from Newark also complained about missing baggage and used social media to voice their concerns.

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