Follow IRC Guidelines On Speed- Breakers: Experts 

| Updated: October 21, 2022 5:34 pm

According to road safety experts designated by the state government, all speed breakers on roadways should be in accordance with the Indian Road Code (IRC). This was one of many recommendations presented at a meeting of the Gujarat Road Safety Authority and the State Road Safety Council earlier this week in Gandhinagar.

Samir Pathak and J V Shah, road safety experts, also proposed that the maximum permitted speed be publicly stated at regular intervals on all national and state highways.

Officials said that the experts’ recommendations have been adopted in full by the road safety authority, and concerned departments have been asked to implement these immediately, continuing further, the committee noted that the number of road accidents has reduced  but is still alarmingly high. Hence, it is important to adopt experts’ recommendations to make roads safer in Gujarat”. 

According to sources, the issue of plantations on road dividers to reduce the glare from headlamps of vehicles approaching from the opposite direction was also discussed at length. “In some instances, plantations create ‘blind spots’ on roads, leading to accidents. Experts have suggested that plantations can be substituted by something else to avoid blind spots’, adding more that many speed breakers on the state roads are not compliant with IRC code. While there is a lack of uniformity, speed breakers are set up in many cases without following any guidelines.

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