Foreign Diplomats And Their Shenanigans In India

| Updated: January 22, 2023 2:12 pm

The deliberate revisitation of the Gujarat 2002 riots by UK State broadcaster BBC in a documentary aimed to politically target Prime Minister Narendra Modi cites a secret inquiry conducted by a junior diplomat of the UK High Commission in the western state at that time. 

The then Foreign Secretary Kanwal Sibal warned the foreign missions against interfering in the internal affairs of India after informing the then External Affairs Minister Jaswant Singh about UK diplomats breaching diplomatic protocol by conducting secret inquiries in Gujarat and circulating anti-India reports among other EU envoys.

This raises a fundamental question of why the government allows foreign diplomats a free run during their postings in India with the Ministry of External Affairs often being kept in the dark.

While Indian ambassadors to countries like China and Pakistan are aggressively shadowed by respective intelligence agencies with even their interlocutors physically and mentally harassed to no end, the representatives of the same countries hardly have any restrictions on them and were feted by the Indian elite not so distant time ago. The same applies to ambassadors of the UK, US, Russia and even Germany, who were treated at par with Union Cabinet ministers in the past and could easily walk into any office without informing the MEA.

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